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These are mostly written for magazines making interesting reading that bring out the most interesting aspects of the person or the business.

Web Content is experienced in writing personal, professional and business profiles that speak to the target audience effortlessly connecting with them. We also write out catchy profiles for social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook giving your personality a crisp and professional look.

What should a good profile include?

Profiles are written such that readers can relate to the business or the person in a way that best suits their professional needs or personal traits.

  1. Answers all important questions: Profiles are rewritten on the basis of interview answers that is given personally on behalf of the business or the self. These questions cover the length and breadth of topics that a general user is likely to come up with. Important differences with the existing competition in the industry vertical are brought out clearly. Most importantly, the profile highlights a newer innovation, better product/service and the company’s USP.

    For a person, the profile brings out their qualifications, achievements and professional attachments in a brief yet complete way. Interesting personal inputs in the form of direct quotes give the first person view or opinion give readers a glimpse into the mind of the person. The overall personality is projected in her/his true light bringing out a vibrant image of the person.

  1. Person/business projected as an authority: A good profile brings out the business or the individual as someone that is an authority in the domain in which she/he is involved. It traces the history of the business’ evolution and its present development including the monumental changes that it underwent.

    In the case of an individual, the profile details feats and achievements along with the positive personality traits leading to the present successful position. The individual emerges as someone that holds authority and power and acts as an industry influencer.

    It is important to update company, business or even personal profiles as visitors are continually scourging the internet for similar ones. Individuals should take care to convey their career goals while highlighting their skills. It’ll give readers the impression of a person that is well-motivated and ready to take growth to the next level.

  1. Contains credible inputs: The major part of profile content are fine compositional pieces written by professional writers. They present even the driest of facts with a consumable sugary coating. The entire content is based on answers given by a top representative of the business or the individual. Direct quotes from the person make the content more credible and adds to its authenticity.

At Web Content, we have extensive experience in writing out profiles of all types and under all categories. We know how to formulate the right questionnaire to get the best output to write out engaging and story-telling profiles.