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A smartly presented Resume gives employers a professional viewpoint about you. Being optimized for better ATS applicant tracking systems, you have a better and increased opportunity. 35% of employers do not even scan weak Resumes. Your Resume is your first chance to impress and, this impression matters.


Your career needs a high-end presentation of yourself showing how organized and professional you are. Only a perfect presentation can position you for success!

Why write Resume from us?

  • Writing Resumes with poor language is a sure deterrent to your success. Grammatical errors, weak phrases and language point out a poor candidate.
  • Incorrect presentation of your career and personal details can make an employer confused and result in outright rejection for an interview call.
  • Not optimizing your Resume for Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) which companies are increasingly using to call candidates for the interview process.
  • Understanding the difference between Resume and CV is important and knowing when to use what marks out the difference between an interview call and rejection.

Get the winning edge

Let our professionals give you the winning edge that you can confidently place in the highly competitive world with confidence and be successful too. Get ready to compete against the best candidates vying for the top prestigious companies. A professional Resume from our experts will help you do just that!


We pick the best Resume Format for you!

Picking the right Resume Format can make or break a candidate’s presentation before the interviewer. Your level of experience and the type of job you’re looking for should determine the format best suited for you.

We use our expertise to choose from the three types of Resume formats to write out a tailored one for you. Depending on your profile we construct Resumes from among:

Reverse Chronological format: By far the most popular and also common format and is ideal for candidates who have adequate work experience relevant to the position applied for.

Functional or Skill-based format: This format is best suited for freshers who are looking to begin their career or make a switch after the first experience. Skills, rather than experience is the key to this kind of format.

Combination format: Candidates having diverse skill-sets are best represented using this format. Such candidates usually have expertise in 3-4 diverse fields keeping options open for all possibilities. A candidate having expertise in management, sales and software development will do well to showcase skills through this format.

Reverse Chronological format is by far the most common and most HRs are used to it. However, your Resume should be both relevant and eye-catching. We make use of the format best suited for your profile customizing it to make the best impact.

Resume layout makes the difference

It is important that your Resume use the correct layout along with the precise format for optimal results. Precise length, exact length and interesting layout together make for a compelling read of your Resume.

Neat arrangement, ample while spaces with clear headlines, easy to read fonts and relevant font-size together make the necessary impact.

In short, we ensure that your Resume presents you as a strong candidate with suave communication skills and polished accomplishments.

Trust our professional abilities to make it big in the competitive world with our stellar Resume Writing Services.