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Press Release are official statements issued by organizations that report a new event, launch, changes or anything that is worth talking of. It is important for your business to issue PRs as it plays an important role in increasing customers’ credibility and promoting any new launch.
Each Press Release that we write out fulfils the requirements of accomplishing the formal requirements of a PR. Following the Inverted Pyramid method, the first part gives the total overview moving down to specific details in the body to tapper down to the specific business details.

Web Content writes out PRs with catchy headlines that by themselves make a foothold for the rest of the content in the busy World Wide Web. PRs that we write

  • Are statements prepared on behalf of your business
  • Are instantly lapped up by media outlets and journalists
  • Are written in a form that can be shared as blog messages or through social media posts.

These are the parameters that we keep in mind while writing your business PR to give it the publicity that it needs.

  1. Newsworthy: The structure and matter in our PR writing make it fully “newsworthy” that journalists pick up quickly to publish and share.
  2. Attention grabbing: Our PRs are written to grab attention immediately with an outstanding heading and attractive first paragraph.
  3. Informative: Starting strongly, we make sure to stick to strict facts that inform and elaborate.
  4. Lucid: We write out PRs in the active voice and avoid the passive voice as far as possible to make it easily readable.
  5. Crisp: The use of strong verbs helps us cut down on the excessive use of unnecessary adjectives making the PR crisp.
  6. To-the-point: Clear, concise yet complete, we present the facts in few words without circling around the main point.
  7. Authentic: Our experts make sure to avoid hypes while writing PRs to give journalists and readers a feeling of authenticity.

Your business is sure to be in the news when you rely on us and hire our Press Release writing services. We ensure that your business gets the maximum attention being in news for long even in the social media handles.