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Ghost-writing is the work of authoring a book or any other form of publication like blog or business plan for another person who is actually named as the author.

At Web Content for You, we carry out the task of Ghost-writing with complete confidentiality and within the pre-determined timeframe. You can enjoy the fame and glory of publishing your book or other writing without a trace of pain or worry.

We provide full-spectrum Ghost-writing services

You can approach us for creating any readable content that you have always thought or dreamt about. Whether it is to share your knowledge or an item in your ‘bucket list,’ we will help you tell your story just the way that you want. From sharing your family story to your technical knowledge about blockchains or AI-backed technology, science or Aboriginal genetics, culinary and grandmother’s recipe, we write them all!

Experts Ghost-Writers at Web Content for You create mind-blowing reading material for full-spectrum content that include all categories of Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Under the Fiction category, we write out

Under the Non-Fiction category, we cover all types of

We write for you anonymously

It is incredibly common to hire Ghost-Writers today to author writings on behalf of celebrated names in the publishing industry. Celebrities, sportspersons, businesspeople and novelists alike hire them to bring out runaway hit writings.

Once you trust us with the writing of your work, we start working on it by discussing the draft or the outline that you may have in mind. Our experienced team will brainstorm with you to get your mind and project it through the anonymous writing. We make sure that you’ve explained what you want to project in and through the writing before we start penning them down. Writing without knowing your thought process is sure to turn out to be a disaster with the content turning out to be totally different from what you have in mind.

Each Ghost-Writing is personalized according to the person, establishment and need.

We write for

Our Ghost-Writing process

We adopt a flexible and custom design process that complement your manuscript. The meticulous process ensures that that writings coming from our end are as close to your pen as though really coming from you. You’ll be able to identify the world created, see and feel the characters moving and talking just according to your thoughts. The words and phrases will be in one with those that you would have penned down yourself.

Here’s a brief outline of our Ghost-Writing process:

You can expect only the best quality composition from our Ghost-Writers who are skilled writers and bestsellers in their own rights!

We set proper deadlines

At Web Content for You, we ensure error-free and quality content that are created well withing the deadline. We attach utmost importance to our service quality ensuring total customer satisfaction. Our writers are well-versed with reasonable deadline pressures and bring out stellar content well within the time schedule.

Get in touch with us now for your curated Ghost-writing from among the options based on budget and genre.