Web Content Writing

Professionally written content for business websites that highlight your online presence, drive more traffic and higher ROI. Credible content in resonance with your operations.

Writing content for websites is more than just impressing the visitor with flamboyant words or catchy phrases. At Web Content, we know how the search engine bots work and write content that they happily lap up. While the focus of each webpage is your business products and services, the content is framed with the necessary keywords. This helps your potential customers to find your business site easily as they appear on the search engine top pages.

We have a team of fully trained professional content writers that are capable of producing content as per Digital Marketing needs. Each writer is highly proficient with the English language and at the same time educated on the latest SEO trends. We are capable of producing engaging web content centered around your business that establish and enhance credibility.

What is the best type of website content?

Website content is not just any run-of-the-mill writing but needs a high level of expertise and knowledge to bring out its real effect. The best website content is one that fulfils these 3 primary criteria:

  1. Content that clicks with the target audience immediately and seamlessly: A web page content is successful when visitors find them informative, fulfils queries and most importantly look trustworthy. Our experienced writers compose each web page content with your target audience in mind. The pages that we write is sure to resonate with them and their though patterns giving them the assurance of satisfying their specific needs.
  2. A structured presentation draws immediate attention: Effective website contents have a definitive structure that we follow to ensure that it underlines your business specialties and spells out its USP. Our content successfully covers the informational queries of your visitors urging them to make transactional queries and thus initiating the buying process. At Web Content, we write out each web page meticulously to help you drive higher ROI.
  3. Content that fulfils SEO needs: Your target consumers looking up your business or service will find your business webpages only when they rank prominently on the top search engine pages. We write business web content with the larger SEO scenario in mind such that it makes it to the top Google pages easily with the least of Digital Marketing efforts. Such website content is best suited for the organic growth and ranking of your website and its pages.

We ensure that every web page coming out of Web Content not just fulfils these criteria but also goes beyond to make easy and understandable reading. Your business visitors will love to read and lap up every word on your website increasing on-page retention time and thus bring in more traffic and business.

Blog/Article/Guest Post Writing

Highly engaging blog/article/guest-posts covering a host of topics and industry vertical to influence your target buyers and build credibility among them.

Blogging is an attractive and acknowledged option to increase and highlight your web and overall business digital presence. Posting well-written informative blogs in easy-to-understand language and lucid style creates a dynamic web presence for your business.

At Web Content, we have a team of creative writers that think out of the box and weave engaging content that make a mark across the digital media.

We write out industry specific blog and travel blogs that helps connect with your visitors instantly, compel reading and sharing spreading out your business across digital platforms. Our viral blogs have become instant internet sensations!

Why do you need blogs? What are the benefits of blogging?

Blogs are among the unfailing marketing channels that helps increase business traffic, generates hot leads and ultimately yields returns.

  1. Increase website visibility: Blogs that are written with target keywords and related words help the website rank on the top pages of Google and other search engines. Blogs are integral part of all high-quality digital marketing efforts to give websites better organic ranking.
  2. Increase in website traffic: Visitors looking up for information by typing industry-specific keywords find the blogs, read the interesting content and are led to the website. Your business website traffic increases naturally leading to its organic growth.
  3. Makes rounds on the social media: Blogs are written for both websites as well as social media. Click-bait blog titles with equally catchy content is widely shared across the social media platforms. The blogs bring about increased brand awareness by advertising your business name in SM.
  4. Establish brand personality: Blogs that follow a particular trend regarding the topics that they talk about and the style of writing reflect the brand personality. With time, such blogging style – informative, entertaining or others establishes your what your brand stands for.
  5. Establish business credibility & authority: Well-written, informative and clear blog ideas help you emerge as an authority in your industry vertical. Over the time, your brand will emerge as an authority in the domain remaining on customers’ mind each time they want more information.
  6. Generate leads & increase conversions: With continual inflow and increase in traffic following the website and social media blogs, the number of hot leads increase. The potential leads are most likely to turn into business customers generating revenues.
  7. Humanize brand name: Blogging lets you express your concerns about raging issues and social concerns giving your brand a human face. Customers and potential groups will easily identify themselves with a humanized business name and build loyalty towards it.

Each blog and article that we write is based on material emerging out of extensive research and data gathering that can be authenticated and verified as and when needed. Original content, innovative presentation and catchy writing style together make for interesting reading that naturally increases visitors’ on-page time.


Profile Writing

These are mostly written for magazines making interesting reading that bring out the most interesting aspects of the person or the business.

Web Content is experienced in writing personal, professional and business profiles that speak to the target audience effortlessly connecting with them. We also write out catchy profiles for social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook giving your personality a crisp and professional look.

What should a good profile include?

Profiles are written such that readers can relate to the business or the person in a way that best suits their professional needs or personal traits.

  1. Answers all important questions: Profiles are rewritten on the basis of interview answers that is given personally on behalf of the business or the self. These questions cover the length and breadth of topics that a general user is likely to come up with. Important differences with the existing competition in the industry vertical are brought out clearly. Most importantly, the profile highlights a newer innovation, better product/service and the company’s USP.

For a person, the profile brings out their qualifications, achievements and professional attachments in a brief yet complete way. Interesting personal inputs in the form of direct quotes give the first person view or opinion give readers a glimpse into the mind of the person. The overall personality is projected in her/his true light bringing out a vibrant image of the person.

  1. Person/business projected as an authority: A good profile brings out the business or the individual as someone that is an authority in the domain in which she/he is involved. It traces the history of the business’ evolution and its present development including the monumental changes that it underwent.

In the case of an individual, the profile details feats and achievements along with the positive personality traits leading to the present successful position. The individual emerges as someone that holds authority and power and acts as an industry influencer.

It is important to update company, business or even personal profiles as visitors are continually scourging the internet for similar ones. Individuals should take care to convey their career goals while highlighting their skills. It’ll give readers the impression of a person that is well-motivated and ready to take growth to the next level.

  1. Contains credible inputs: The major part of profile content are fine compositional pieces written by professional writers. They present even the driest of facts with a consumable sugary coating. The entire content is based on answers given by a top representative of the business or the individual. Direct quotes from the person make the content more credible and adds to its authenticity.

At Web Content, we have extensive experience in writing out profiles of all types and under all categories. We know how to formulate the right questionnaire to get the best output to write out engaging and story-telling profiles.


Product Descriptions

At Web Content we are experts at writing out to the point marketing copy product descriptions that the target audience happily reads and engages with. We clearly give your potential buyers the much-needed information about each product using easily understandable words and short sentences.

Our product page copy will convince your existing buyers and the potential groups telling them why it’s worth buying them.

What is the form of best product description?

Product descriptions should fit into the bill of the ideal buying persona compelling them to buy it. Here are the features of the best product description content:

  1. Targets the ideal buyer persona: The best product description addresses the ideal buyer instead of targeting a generic crowd. It replicates a conversation that a real customer would have with a convincing counter salesperson.
  2. Entices with benefits: The description clearly brings out the best features and their benefits in clear terms. Depending on the genre of the product, the description either narrates an experience or highlights the benefits of its best features.
  3. Avoids clichés: Descriptions with “the best product” taglines are sure to evoke “oh everyone says that” response from readers. A good product page will bring out the goodness of the product by specifying its features in realistic words.
  4. Described with power-punched adjective: A product described with the right mix of superlatives and power-punched adjectives makes a mark on the target customer easily. People are looking for solutions to their problems and your products provides it!
  5. Presented in scannable format: The attention span of a human is said to be less than that of a goldfish having dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds! Features & benefits listed in point format allow target buyers to grasp them within that short period and even compel them to read more.
  6. Plays to the gallery: At Web Content, our experienced team of writers are aware of current trends and play to the gallery writing in language that your target audience understands. Phrases and lines that they use and resonate with are what we use while describing your product.
  7. Backed-up with social proof: We also write reviews for your social handles that are directly linked to your product page. Social media testimonials play a major role in determining sales. Our reviews are most realistic giving potential buyers the impetus to make the buying click.

Our team of expert writers are conversant with these and more techniques that make your product irresistible to the potential buyer. We help you sell better with attractive content taking the buyer a step further to make the buying click.

Press Release

Press Release are official statements issued by organizations that report a new event, launch, changes or anything that is worth talking of. It is important for your business to issue PRs as it plays an important role in increasing customers’ credibility and promoting any new launch.

Web Content writes out PRs with catchy headlines that by themselves make a foothold for the rest of the content in the busy World Wide Web. PRs that we write

  • Are statements prepared on behalf of your business
  • Are instantly lapped up by media outlets and journalists
  • Are written in a form that can be shared as blog messages or through social media posts.

Each Press Release that we write out fulfils the requirements of accomplishing the formal requirements of a PR. Following the Inverted Pyramid method, the first part gives the total overview moving down to specific details in the body to tapper down to the specific business details.

These are the parameters that we keep in mind while writing your business PR to give it the publicity that it needs.

  1. Newsworthy: The structure and matter in our PR writing make it fully “newsworthy” that journalists pick up quickly to publish and share.
  2. Attention grabbing: Our PRs are written to grab attention immediately with an outstanding heading and attractive first paragraph.
  3. Informative: Starting strongly, we make sure to stick to strict facts that inform and elaborate.
  4. Lucid: We write out PRs in the active voice and avoid the passive voice as far as possible to make it easily readable.
  5. Crisp: The use of strong verbs helps us cut down on the excessive use of unnecessary adjectives making the PR crisp.
  6. To-the-point: Clear, concise yet complete, we present the facts in few words without circling around the main point.
  7. Authentic: Our experts make sure to avoid hypes while writing PRs to give journalists and readers a feeling of authenticity.

Your business is sure to be in the news when you rely on us and hire our Press Release writing services. We ensure that your business gets the maximum attention being in news for long even in the social media handles.


Brochure Writing

Brochures help introduce your product to your potential customers with its fine layout that include graphics and well-written lines. Graphics have to be complemented with high-impact text for your target consumer groups to known and understand your product and its benefits.

At Web Content we have the necessary marketing knowledge to help you with the overall layout and design of your brochure to make maximum impact. Our experienced team collaborate with our clients help them bring out attractive brochures that introduce products and services explaining their benefits in a precise way.

We adopt the following steps to help make high-impact brochures that are circulated among customer groups increasing conversion chances for higher profits.

  1. Identify the target consumer groups/audience: Selecting people for whom the product is made is the key to laying marketing strategies. This group comprises of people that may come from a particular demography, belong to an age group or gender and so on. The layout and message will vary targeting and fulfilling their needs. A cosmetic company brochure targeting young girls will be significantly different from that of a kitchenware targeting homemakers wanting convenient cooking utensils.
  2. Choose layout & format: This will be based on the target audience and their needs. Factors involved here are the material that the groups will appreciate and the number of folds required depending on the information to be included. Web Content experts have worked on several projects making brochures that are well-circulated and have earned business.
  3. Information selection: The type of content to be written out and the style to follow is based on the product and the target groups. For more formal looks you may want to include graphs and charts to show sales or other results. The text is proportionate to the graphics written in short and easy sentences and elaborated with points making it instantly scannable. Of course, including your business details is a must especially a contact number, where prospective customers can talk.
  4. Presentation: Choice of colors depending on your business vertical and users psychology is of utmost importance. We help you decide and finalize the layout with a choice of 2 to a maximum of 4 colors with the use of headings and subheadings. Fonts are limited to a maximum of 1 for easy text reading.

Web Content helps you bring out brilliant brochures that are cost-effective advertisement modes. You can use them both as hardcopy printed pieces and e-brochures that can be easily forwarded and circulated.

We help organize and write for all 5 types of brochures depending on the format and layout:

  • Gatefold: The most unusual among the lot, it is expensive to make having an inward fold and make of expensive paper. They are easy to carry and has high longevity making them good for recirculation.
  • Bi-fold: The most popular type of them all with a formal layout, they are used mainly as product catalogues, for corporate meets and presentations and trade shows.
  • Tri-fold: A common form and less formal give more space for creative design and expression of ideas. These are better suited for different service sectors.
  • Z-fold: This has an accordion fold and is highly versatile where each panel can stand alone and also gather together to present a dramatic large picture. Can be used by the realty groups and high-end manufacturers or anyone interested in giving piecemeal and overall view of operations.

We write crisp and professional brochure content for all sized-organizations, promotional events, high-end launch programs and more. Contact us for our experts to collaborate with your brochure making NOW!


Audio/Video Script Writing

Web Content is your creative partner and one-stop-shop for the A-Z needs of your video production. We script for learning videos and also the complete range of commercial videos leaving the desired impact on target viewers.

We do the homework of knowing and understanding the psychology of your audience and target them with our original scripts. Ours is a collaborative approach where we make a checklist of all the essential factors following a briefing session with our client. We give the script the necessary shape and size while maintaining the core elements at its core.

  • Hook: The hook of a script is its most important part and is the first 8-seconds in a minute-long video. It can be identified with a bait that will decide whether your target audience will watch the rest of it or not.
  • Meat: The main message or central content of the video is its meat and is what determines the final video quality and its watchability. What is gained by using a fine hook should be sustained using the best quality meat content!

The process warrants:

  • Smooth transition from the hook to the meat with relevant content
  • Value content that keeps the viewer with the video till the end
  • Engaging presentation without use of fluff


  • Call-to-action (CTA): A script that ends with a CTA blending with the rest of the content is an art that we perfect to give your video the desired effect.


Brand/Commercial Video Script

Brand Commercial Video scripts are fine samples of copy writing with smart and crisp lines that are easily understood and form the core of the video. They take the plot forward enhancing the vision and leaving a lot to the imagination while matching with the expectations of the target audience.

At Web Content we script the fine lines keeping in mind the tonality of the content. Delivery of the message can be crafted in several ways. Even the most serious message can have a humorous presentation to it.

We read aloud each video script to get the real look and feel of the overall video with its intended effect. The final approval is given only when we are fully satisfied with the script’s desired outcome.

Explainer Videos

Explainers are videos that tell your client groups about a product, a service or any particular working process in clear words and pictures in a minute’s time.

Web Content experts have the knowledge of developing lucid and engaging content that are written out to become all-time hits with the target audience. We place the message in the first 30-seconds talking to your audience directly with a definitive tone that they can identify with immediately.

Despite strictly explaining concepts or products, our explainer video scripts have a life to them that touches the right chord with the viewers. Be it serious, light-hearted or bold, we write out polished scripts for explainer videos that can go viral.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos are brand enhancers that take home to the viewer information about its products, success stories and of course the all-so-important social engagements as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We go all along with your brand’s philosophy and standing scripting exquisite videos that uphold it in the way that you wish to project it to your buying groups. Matching visuals with word strings that will make the needed impact, we are veterans in the trade of scripting corporate videos.


Web Content helps you unleash the power of digital-age e-learning with carefully designed courses that fulfill viewers needs and create an emotional connect readying them for more.

Our expert writers are well aware of the trick of turning the most monotonous syllabus into an enlightening and engaging content that learners imbibe readily. To do this we ensure that the learners are interacting or rather conversing with a person while learning. We emphasize on the concepts with a balanced combination of text and images.

Easy to understand and compelling, we make e-learning easier than ever with the use of vivid imageries, metaphors, similes and other literary devices as and when necessary.


Engross your viewers & listeners with terse and pithy narrative that will get them into the core of the proceedings seamlessly.

At Web Content we have been writing out narrative scripts writing for films, video productions or any other platform with an insightful approach. 


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